Our Partner


For over a decade, BOSFAM has maintained a close partnership with the Washington, DC-based organization, The Advocacy Project (AP). AP’s mission of giving “voices to the voiceless” aligned perfectly with BOSFAM’s desire to advocate for the female survivors of the war.

AP’s interest in Bosnia began in 1999, when Peter Lippman travelled to the country to profile the reconciliation and reconstruction efforts of Bosnian Muslims. By 2003, AP was able to help BOSFAM launch a sustained campaign advocating for the needs of Srebrenica survivors. Through this partnership, the idea of advocacy quilting was born and AP now employs this strategy with other grassroots partners around the world.

Beginning in 2003, AP began sending graduate student Peace Fellows to work with BOSFAM over the course of a summer. Since the start of this endeavor, fifteen young women have worked with BOSFAM.

The goals of BOSFAM’s Peace Fellows have evolved over the years as their needs have changed, but they always strive to work towards economic independence and sustainability for BOSFAM and its members and to forge strong relationships with the women to ensure the atrocities of the war are never forgotten.

Each Fellow has documented her experience on AP’s website through blog posts, photographs, videos, and social media to create a unique and personal narrative of this partnership over the years.