Our Projects

BOSFAM’s mission is to provide information, education, and psycho-social and economic support for women. We have undertaken several projects and have provided women with ways to earn money, emotionally support one another, and learn from each other. From commemorating the genocide in Srebrenica to helping underprivileged children, BOSFAM helps people regardless of ethnicity with the united goal of improving everyone’s quality of life.

Rebuilding BOSFAM

In May 2014, catastrophic flooding and heavy rains destroyed the weaving center of The Association of Bosnian Family (BOSFAM), which has been a safe place for war-affected Bosnian women to come and earn an income for two decades. In 2015, with the support of dozens of generous donors, the workshop was rebuilt, allowing the women of BOSFAM to return to work.

Srebrenica Memorial Quilts

In its work with women war victims, BOSFAM initiated carpet weaving as a means of occupational therapy. Any mother whose underage son went missing during the fall of Srebrenica always highlights that only weaving a carpet can help her “cope with her own misery.” She is one of the many who seek comfort in “dealing with threads and playing with colors.” In 2006, BOSFAM decided to create the first Srebrenica Memorial Quilt to honor the victims of the 1995 genocide.

Visit our gallery to see each quilt and learn the stories of each person commemorated.

Our Handicrafts

BOSFAM’s handicrafts projects began in the collective centers for internally-displaced people during the war in Bosnia.  These projects began as a form of occupational therapy, and today provide economic support to BOSFAM’s members.

The women weave beautiful carpets, knit fashionable clothes, and create traditional handicrafts.  All of BOSFAM’s products are hand-made.  When you buy our products, you support war-affected women who in turn can then provide for their families and make positive contributions to our community.

Love & embroidery

Following the fall of Srebrenica in 1995, the women of BOSFAM recognized the importance of creating a gathering place for Bosnian women who lost everything during the war.  At the time, there were so many unknowns, many of which remain today.  Women waited and searched for their missing friends and family members – husbands, sons, brothers, and fathers.  The number of missing persons continued to grow – and today we know that the number of lives lost is more than 8,000.  Each woman was alone, waiting, hoping, and grieving, but BOSFAM provided a place for many of them to be together.

Ulrike & Friends

The project, “Ulrike and Friends” is a private initiative which, together with BOSFAM, supports children in the school district of Srebrenica.

The project distributes new winter clothing and shoes as well as school supplies, and gives assistance in cases of special needs. One group of children receives a daily free sandwich.