Our Handicrafts

BOSFAM’s handicrafts projects began in the collective centers for internally-displaced people during the war in Bosnia.  These projects began as a form of occupational therapy, and today provide economic support to BOSFAM’s members.

The women weave beautiful carpets, knit fashionable clothes, and create traditional handicrafts.  All of BOSFAM’s products are hand-made.  When you buy our products, you support war-affected women who in turn can then provide for their families and make positive contributions to our community.

Our traditional, hand-made carpets are a symbol of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  They are representative of Bosnian traditions, beauty, and hard work. The carpets are made on traditional wooden looms and are 100% wool on a cotton warp.  They appear the same on both sides.  The dyes used for the yarn are fade-resistant.

If you are in Tuzla, we welcome you to visit us, where you can see how traditional Bosnian carpets are made. You can visit our shops in Tuzla and Sarajevo. You may also visit our online shop to purchase our goods from anywhere in the world.